Friday, June 11, 2010


JAX...not happy about his picture being taken!
Our beautiful house!


The Night: On our way to dinner, and through the woods, to the best pasta place we go! Ha ha...and my new bed spread from bed bath and beyond, it's hot!

Well it's been the year of a life time! It was our one year anniversary yesterday. Probably my favorite highlights of the year have been getting a new house, and becoming parents......

I so love my wonderful husband. He brings so much joy into my life!~

Friday, February 12, 2010


SO the house is ours!!!

We are SO excited. This process has been slightly full of anxiety and it has been down right exausting at times. The wonderful thing is our base mortage payment will only be $60 more then what we are paying. We will not be moving in till next week though because we are going to Idaho this weekend. YEA!!!

PLEASE anyone feel free to come stay with us. We have plenty of room!! I am serious don't hestitate to ask..PLEASE!!
Or if anyone wants to help us move that would be great!! ha ha.............

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here is the front....

I took this picture last night with my camera phone. My husband and I were not able to get into the house...but we just wanted to see it one last time before we sign our life away today!! Isn't it sooo cute!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We finally have a closing date! Yea..and that would be tommorrow........
February 11 at 4:00. We are so excited. We are putting our savings and dreams into this house, so I hope all goes smooth!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

UpDate on the House...BLAHHHHH

Ok so FINALLY this week we SHOULD be closing..........HOPEFULLY..
Has anyone bought a house?
It's all about waiting...ANNOYING!!
I feel very blessed to begin with because we are getting an amazing house for the price. The sellers are a non profit organization called CDC. They purchase homes that belong to HUD and fix them up and put all new stuff in them. THis house we are buying is only 6 years old,but they put new paint carpet and all new engery efficient appliances in it. So, it's totally move in ready. It is seriously a beautiful house. Two car garage, vaulted ceilings, 4 bedroom, 3 full bath. It's worth 177,000 and we are getting it for 153,000. The rest is set in an equity note that we will get if we live in the house for at least a year. That is 24,000 we just get for living in OUR house! I am so excited! It really is such a beatiful home for the price. The reason we got it because the program wanted to give it to a teacher, policeman, etc..public servant..ha ha. We got first dibs before the rest of the public. I will post pictures as soon as we sign the papers. It is ALOT of seriously if anyone EVER needs a place to stay I can provide you a room and a bathroom..:-)
I will keep everyone updated this week...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where are all the girls??

SO this school year has been HARD. I have a extra small class this boys. I have no girls in my class. What a difference that makes! This is my sixth year teaching and I have always had cute girls in my class that write me little notes and come in and give me hugs. It's not like that this year at all. These boys are SO naughty. The feeling in my classroom is so negative. They are all black little clouds it seems like. I go in all chipper and cheery and happy and I get nothing back but bad attitude and negativity. It's been so challenging to teach these boys that are so detached from most people and certainly not attached to me in the slightest. I guess this is a vent session, but I don't feel any love when I am at school. I miss having girls in my class. It makes a HUGE difference. Also these boys are all hooked on violent video games, and I seriously thing this affect their well being. Please all you parents out there make sure you cool it with the video games and the violence is not good for your children. Believe me I know, and it truely does affect them in a negative way.
ANYWAY..the house thing is trucking's now just waiting on the puzzle peices to fit.
I will keep you all updated!!